Use 1Password App on Chrome OS

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I stumbled across a GREAT password app a while back called 1Password. I’m not going to go into detail other than to say it is GREAT. Get it.

I also got a Chromebook not long ago and while 1Password has a browser extension for the Chrome Browser it does not work on Chrome OS Chrome browser.

But there is a solution. It’s not a perfect solution but it allows access to your 1 password files on Chrome OS.

There are two ways to go about this however it must be done on Dropbox so go and get a dropbox account.

Once you do that open up 1Password on your computer, in my case a mac and go to “New Vault”.
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This is what you’ll see:
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Now you can either sync your primary vault with Dropbox or create a secondary vault and sync it with dropbox. I already had a primary vault syncing using another service so I made a secondary vault. Be sure and copy all your password entries into your new vault. Once you do that log into your dropbox service and it will have made a folder there called “1Password”. Open that folder.
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Open the folder. Now you’ll see a file called “1Password.html”. Click on that. It will open a vault.
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Type in your Master Password and hit “Unlock”.
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And you have access to all your passwords. Be sure and bookmark your page for easier access.
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