Hauppage WinTV-HVR 955Q USB TV Tuner on Debian Linux

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At my work I have very, very limited Wi-Fi via a phone hotspot with only 2 GB of data per month. So I have turned my computer at work into a radio and TV now.

I use an SDR radio for that and you can view some details of that project here.

So I thought “Why not add a TV Tuner as well?”

So I did a little (not enough) homework on the internet and opted for a Hauppage Win-TV-HVR 955Q that I got from here.

Some serious adjustments were required.

My computer is an older Dell1545 running LinuxMint. So I plugged in the Tuner and nothing. No lights, no power, nothing. Then I plugged it into another laptop running Manjaro Linux and it powered up. So there seemed to be some driver or firmware issues. LinuxMint has the firmware however the driver is not natively built into the kernel.

LinuxMint runs kernel version 3.16 and native support isn’t included until the 4.1 kernels.

In fact to install the 955Q on LinuxMint you have to build a new kernel, apply patches……no fun and that kind of limits you on future upgrades. You’re stuck with your patched kernel. Not that that’s a bad thing…….but still.

The instructions for doing that are here

So I opted to re-do it all and install an OS with a 4.1 or better kernel. Debian Linux has an unstable version that contains the 4.2 version kernel. Get it here You only need Disk 1.

Once downloaded burn it to a DVD disk and install. It is possible to burn your iso to a USB thumb drive (and quite faster) but it is a little geekier. There are web pages galore and utilities to accomplish this.

Once Debian is installed just plug in the Hauppage 955Q and it lights up nice and pretty. Then you need a program for viewing. Also type


and you’ll see the device is recognized

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From a terminal type:

sudo apt-get install me-tv

Once it opens it will look like this. Select “United States”

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Do the scan……It takes a while…….I had a crappy antenna so I only pulled in 6 channels.

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Then select a channel and enjoy! I especially like the Program Guide AND you can record. This thing thinks it is a freaking Tivo!

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And here it all is deployed at work.

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