Chromebook and Chrome OS Extensions

The Chromebook and Chrome OS have some pretty cool extensions. One of my favorite ones is Web Player Radio (BETA). Really nice for background noise while on the road in the hotel room. I have a couple favorite internet radio stations I listen to. First of all in the Chrome Web store locate the extension and install it. It shows up in the browser toolbar in the upper right corner. Click it and the player shows up. To add content click on the settings wheel bottom row, the 2nd one from the right.

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Now you can add a station from several sources. Click on Add Stations to add and Manage My Stations on the left side of the page to edit them.

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Now add and edit a station. I’m editing the Folk Alley entry. Hover over with the mouse to see. You can auto add stations or manually add them by entering the Name, the MRL (internet station address), the category, and add a link to the logo so it looks pretty.

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And now you’re listening! Enjoy.