Acer 11 Chromebook CB3-111-C670 Review

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Decided to leap into the world of Chrome OS again after a couple years. At that time on a whim I bought an HP 14” Chromebook and I really loved it however I just had too many laptops, too many projects and nowhere to keep the thing.

The other day I had read in the tech news world that Chrome OS was going bye bye. That it would be merged with Android OS and the death of the Chromebook was announced.

If nothing else Chrome OS is stable, and LIGHTNING fast. It boots in seconds. Even with slow processors and not much system memory it’s pretty much a speed demon. Granted it isn’t a Photoshop or AutoCAD machine but for most people a browser and an email client is all they use. As geeky as I am, that describes me about 90% of the time.

Here’s the specs on the Acer 11 C670 on the right. Click the button below to go to the Acer Website.
  • Chrome OS™
  • Intel Celeron N2830 Dual-core 2.16 GHz
  • 11.6" HD (1366 x 768) 16:9
  • Intel HD Graphics with Shared Memory
  • 16 GB Flash Memory
  • 1 USB 2.0 Port
  • 1 USB 3.0 Port
  • SD Card Reader
  • HDMI Out
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • 3 Cell Lithium Ion Battery
  • 8.5 Hour Battery Life
  • 802.11ac Wireless Adapter
  • Intel Graphics Controller
Out of the box the Acer feels plastic-y and it has kind of an older retro laptop look. Looks like they could have put a slightly larger screen in the lid and the screen is matte, not glossy. This is not a problem for me. The Acer is thin, light and feels fairly durable. The keyboard has a very good action and the keys snap back. The trackpad clicks and scrolling work very good. Much better than a bunch of old Windows 7, and 8 era laptops I have laying around here.

A lot of Chromebooks don’t have a webcam, but this one does. A plus even though I’ll likely never use it. The power connector and HDMI ports are in the rear of the laptop which I really like because although it is a laptop it will probably re relegated to entertainment duty on a desk and never moved. This layout works good for me. The power plug is angled though and I think it would have been better were it a straight plug.

Hit the on button and in typical Chrome OS fashion I’m looking at a screen that asks me what language and Wi-Fi Network i want to select.
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After you plug in your data and sign into Google you get to your desktop. To my surprise it started pulling down the apps and extensions I had on my old Chromebook (and Google account) and the way I have all my Chrome browsers configured. Amazing!

Lets dwell on that point. Lets say I configure Chrome OS the way I want it and buy a new Chromebook or delete everything on the one I have and start fresh……….IT RECONFIGURES ITSELF.

I’ve been waiting for an OS to do this for years. Yeah Google probably knows what time I go to the bathroom now but to get you gotta give. You can see some of my apps below on the toolbar. I just had to log into them was all.
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America. Fuck Yeah!
From Team America
Chrome OS is mostly a browser however that is the way most folks interact with their computers these days. Despite only having 2 GB of RAM this computer is very snappy. Wi-Fi is solid. Although there is only a 16GB Hard Drive installed (as with most Chromebooks), heck my iPads have more disk space……..the whole idea is to live in the cloud. That means you need a persistent connection to the internet. I’ll say that again. A Chromebook off line is like having one boot while climbing Mount Everest.

Despite the fact there is no built in storage to speak of you could add and SD card however the SD card reader on this causes the card to stick out a bit too far in my opinion.

Integration with Google Drive is built in with Google giving you a free 100GB of space. What happens when that space goes away one day or starts costing money?

Dropbox integration can be added as well. So in essence I have about 150 GB of storage which is awesome but it is all IN THE CLOUD. Not really a problem for me because this machine will largely be used for surfing.

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I cannot access my iCloud email with any software however you can go to and they have an app you can launch which opens that website in the browser. Perfect.

Here’s a big plus for me. I always hook up an external Digital to Analog converter (DAC) to computers because I fancy myself an audiophile and DAC’s just plain make things sound BETTER. They do. Buy one if you love music.

First time I used a Chromebook a couple years ago DAC’s just weren’t supported. Then they were but you had to hack something on the Chrome://flags page

Now I plugged it in and it just worked. Amazing. Below is a HIFIMeDIY USB DAC listening to Pandora App.

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All in all I am VERY pleased with this purchase. However if you work off the grid, need some serious CPU cycles, design 3D animations………A Chromebook is not for you. But, if you are a home user that loves stability, speed, good form factor, and an intuitive interface then an Acer 11 Chromebook is for you.