TUMI™ Bags

I travel. Entirely too much. And it’s hell on bags. I’ve had them all. I’ve ruined them all. I never heard of Tumi before a coworker introduced me to them and now I’m a convert.

TUMI™ Brooks Slim Brief

Picked up a Brooks Slim Brief from the Tumi website on sale for a great price. Best way to get a high quality Tumi is buy last years models on clearance.

TUMI ™ Maxwell Gym Bag

Perfect overnight / gym bag. Love it. Very roomy, very well stitched. Light and strong.


And the mac daddy of all the backpacks……The Kingsville Deluxe. Best backpack I’ve ever owned. I carry a lot. and this all fits with a lot of different compartments. Other backpacks were a black hole.