Organized Religion

Organized Religion

This has been on my mind as of late and I recognize it is a bit off of the subject of Bible Technology. So I’ll keep this post as brief as possible. This kind of stems from me attending a church occasionally that doesn’t really speak to my soul. There is singing, announcements, a kids session, repetitive credos and if you are lucky you might get 5 or 6 versus of actual scripture. Most of the sermons are what I call “Feel Good” sermons.

Nothing wrong with singing but when you are on verse 10 of some hymn, the music director is maximizing his or her minutes.

I don’t really take any issue with what I hear and what they say. I guess it is more of what I don’t hear, and what they don’t say.

End Times

The prophetic timeline for the return of Jesus began with Israel becoming a State in 1948. The clock is ticking. Conversely, the world is filling up with evil probably not witnessed since the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. In my mind the church should be preparing the congregation for the imminent return of Jesus.

Also, never once have I heard them take on the evil in the world. No discussion of abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, terrorism directed against Israel. Nothing.

Also the Bibile is a supernatural book filled with fascinating tales. You might hear about Jesus walking on the water, but how about the time he walked through a wall? Fallen Angels mating with human women creating a hybrid race of people. Moses and Joshua killing every man, woman, child and animals in a village.

I never hear about the signs of his return. I for one am stunned at the prophecies of Isaiah, Daniel, and Zephaniah. It disturbs me that Ezekiel talks about Russia invading Israel (with other nations) and how that Russia is putting bases near the Golan Heights as we speak. Heck, the United Nations has a base in Syria on Mount Hermon.

In short, if it sounds CRAZY OR CONTROVERSIAL you won’t hear it in many organized religion churches. They don’t want to take it on. Whether it is through fear of retribution or the loss of donations or both, I can’t really say.

Closing Thoughts

If your church won’t talk about the tough stuff or prepare you for the End Times they aren’t looking out for YOU. They are looking out for THEMSELVES. Their job is to tell the truth and preach Gods word. If something is offensive to God and the church pretends it doesn’t exist you probably should get out of that church.

They should be actively fighting against the “world” and not worrying about a City Council accusing them of Hate Speech.

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