About This Site

While I do my very best to relay the word of God from the Bible, I ad lib a little bit and try to have fun with it. I also remind myself that potential readers could be early on in their journey and a lot of thee, thou, thoust’s could be hard to read.

Know this though. Never, ever, ever take my word for all of this. Do your own research. Read your own Bible. Look the key words up in Hebrew or Greek to see what they really mean. Take notes. Put it together for yourself and your own salvation.

Read what others have written. Listen to lectures from various Bible Scholars. I personally like Chuck Missler, Amir Tsarfati, Jack Hibbs, the Prophecy Watchers, The Watchman, etc. Find sources that you trust and then when you learn something go and do your due diligence and see for yourself if your heart tells the same tale.

PRAY TO GOD before reading or watching and ask to be able to discern the truth from the opinion or false teaching. Ask for wisdom.

And if you are like me you may think that you are not worthy to receive God’s salvation. Somehow we are, though. Through Jesus Christ. Read the history of some of the Apostles. They may have been a worse person than you currently feel like you are.

God Bless……..John