Ezekiel 38 Update

Ezekiel 38 Update

While I try to keep this site about Technology in the Bible, I’ve always thought that telling the future is a pretty neat technological trick. This entry will be regarding a snippet taken from verse 8 of Ezekiel 38.

One of my favorite teachers is Dr. Chuck Missler. He always said that the Bible is an Integrated Message System. That it is divinely inspired, outside of our understanding of time and space. It is really undeniable (even though many do deny it) that the Bible tells the future.

My favorite prophecy subject is Ezekiel 38. The Gog Magog wars. This post will be brief. Consequently, something happened this week that made the hair on the back of head stand up a little bit. Here is a snippet of Ezekiel 38:8

In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety.

When discussing a possible timeline for this war, a lot of scholars hone in on the last part of this verse. The part about all of them living in safety.

They will then point out that Israel isn’t living in safety currently. And a lot of people can’t see that changing any time real soon.

Something Funny Happened On The Way To Ezekiel 38

This week a story came out of Israel about a peace deal being brokered between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Then current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated he is talking with up to 7 other Arab Countries about brokering peace.

Okay, one cannot say that Israel is now living in peace. And one cannot say this is all going to work out. It could in fact fail.


Isn’t it odd that the one thing most scholars hold up on about Gog Magog is going down the path of peace and possible safety? Just the fact it is being talked about and negotiated is HUGE.

But do understand that I am not pushing the “THIS IS IT” narrative. I’m merely saying that things seem to be converging just as they were written about nearly 2500 years ago by the Prophet Ezekiel.

I don’t want to get into the minutia of when Ezekiel 38 can happen. I personally still believe it is a ways off and many believe it is a post rapture event which makes it a non event if you get yanked out of here before the Tribulation starts.

But how exciting is it to be living in these times where you can witness the buildup to this prophecy. No one can study the military alliances in 38 and compare them to the actual geo-political situation today and not think Ezekiel is spot on. It’s a little scary actually.

Psalm 83 War

Not getting into this much but Psalm 83 lists an INNER ring of nations AROUND Israel and discusses that separate war. Some believe it is current or has already been fulfilled with the various wars Israel has had since 1948.

But Ezekiel 38 is an OUTER ring of nations around the Psalm 83 list. The accuracy of the Bible cannot be denied here.

I believe more than ever that the Bible is literal, and accurate, and is not so much the inspired word of God as it is THE WORD OF GOD. Also, I pray that I could understand it better. I encourage anyone out there to look at these two wars and spend a day or two with Bible maps and researching the military alliances. And you’ll come to the conclusion that it is unfolding before the eyes of this generation.

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