Satan’s Plan

Satan’s Plan, What Is It?

I really don’t know how to describe the story of the Bible other than it is some kind of Cosmic or heavenly chess match. God does something and the devil counterpunches. God responds, leaving the devil to try another end run. What is Satan’s Plan?

At some point, no one really knows when, Satan and his defiant angels were cast out of heaven. Although Satan seems to still have access to heaven as other scriptures indicate. His defiance had to have occurred after angelic beings were created and prior to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Anyway, Satan’s first move was to trick Adam and Eve into consuming something that opened their eyes and supposedly would make them like God’s. Even today that seems to be the lie being told. That we are gods (little g) ourselves. We are not.

God responds by letting the serpent know he’s in for a war. A war in which he will bruise the heel of the woman’s seed (Jesus) and God’s seed will crush his head. It is commonly believed to be the first prophecy recorded in the Bible. I believe they call this the Law of First Occurrence. When God says it for the 1st time it is REALLY important.

Thus Begins The War

There is no way I can correctly list all the moves and countermoves, but I’ll try to touch on a few of the larger ones. The first thing seems to be the devil attempting to alter the genetics of mankind. In Genesis 6, fallen angels (Sons Of God) have made a pact to take human women as their wives. Their offspring are not human but rather hybrid creatures known as the Nephilim. The were a race of giants.

God puts an end to this nonsense by putting Noah and his family “who were pure in their generations” into a boat and floods the earth.

The Devil’s Response

After the flood in Genesis 11 we see that mankind is trying to build a Tower to heaven. Even God himself remarks that they will essentially be able to do anything in verse 6.

And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.

This is much more than building a tall building. They were trying to build some kind of spiritual portal or something.

God’s Response To The Tower Of Babel

God, confounds their language so that they cannot understand each other and work together. Then he scatters them around the globe. Even today it makes me cringe when I see that language program named “Babble”. It seems like it is mocking God’s move in Babel to me.

Anyway, advantage God. The Devil’s plan to make men as gods fails.

The Devil’s Plan Continues

I’m skipping a whole lot of stuff but the devil knows for sure he needs to do one thing. That thing is to stop the birth of the Messiah. Barring that he has to break the Covenant that God made with Abram (Abraham) to give them the land of Israel. Forever. Of course we already know the devil has tried to corrupt genetics and following the birth of Jesus everyone seems to know it because of a Star in the heavens. The devil gets King Herod to try to kill all male children under the age of 2 near Bethlehem because they know the Messiah is around there somewhere.

This doesn’t work out because God sends an angel to Joseph and tells him to head for the hills in Egypt. And as we all know Jesus shows up on the back of the donkey riding into Jerusalem and thus begins the greatest story ever told.

The Biggest Part of Satan’s Plan

Kill Jesus. Kill Jesus and the Messiah problem goes away. That plan is successful except for one thing. It was already God’s plan. Jesus is not only the perfect sacrifice to atone for the sins of all mankind, God really one ups the devil by having Jesus defeat the grave. Jesus walks right out of the Garden Tomb. In the subsequent 40 days he is around he sets up his church and empowers his disciples.

The devil is outsmarted again. Only this time he must really KNOW IT. All he can do now is try to destroy Israel and barring that he can only take as many of us vile creatures created in God’s image with him to hell.

What Now For Satan’s Plan?

Destroy Israel. God made a Covenant that Israel belonged to the Jews. If there is no Israel for the Jews then God was a liar or is weak. As the devil you can:

  • Kill all the Jews (tried in WW2 and failed)
  • Destroy Israel (tried multiple times since Israel became a nation again in 1948)
  • Destroy Israel Part 2 – they aren’t done trying.

Even this very day in the news we read that Iran has enriched uranium to 60% which is suitable for a nuclear weapon. Iran swears it will wipe Israel not only off the map but will remove it as memory from the world.

This is where we are now. God restored Israel in 1948 and made it a land of milk and honey. The next move from the devil could be the Psalm 83 War or the Gog Magog War. Either way I guarantee God has a counter punch. We know this because he TELLS US.

Everything he told us so far is true. No reason to stop believing now. Satan’s plan always has, and always will fail. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish Nation and Jesus will return and this time they will accept him as the Savior. And you had better believe that is true.

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