Bible Technology

Bible Technology

This is my first post on a website I’ve been wanting to write for sometime. I’m a Christian, albeit not a very good example of one. But I’m trying. I do run my own site called John’s Tech Blog. As you might guess, I love technology. Interestingly enough there is quite a bit of tech in the Bible. I’d like to post some of those examples of Bible Technology on this site. My hope is that it will fascinate you as much as it does me.

About Me

Like I mentioned, I’m not a shining example of a Christian. I’ve always believed in God but have spent a lot of apathetic years not thinking about it as much as I should. I’m far from a Bible scholar and nothing I say here should be taken for …….errrrr……Gospel. You should always do your own research and your primary research tool should be the Bible itself. Additionally, one of my favorite resources was a man named Chuck Missler and he too spoke of technological statements in the Bible frequently. He probably is responsible for my interest in this subject.

I’m also fascinated by Prophecy and feel like we are watching large chunks of it unfold before our eyes currently.

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